About One Light

One Light is a brand new independent dance show choreographed and directed by Loredo Malcolm.

This show will debut in Melbourne with the possibility to go to Sydney.

One Light is about the power in the word "ONE" how that can be used in a powerful and positive sense to create awareness and focus and shed "LIGHT" on the fact that we are all ONE! This show will focus on real life experiences, providing an opportunity to educate and bring awareness to real life situations.

Awareness is a key start to growth, and ONE LIGHT will be used to shed some light on our industry and the things we sometimes forget!


I am looking for a diverse group of mature students age 15-17  (successful student performers will NOT be paid) however I would like students who are wanting to expand on their performance skills and have this experience to create a brand new show with Loredo Malcolm.


I am looking for a diverse group of pro dancers age 18+ with stage experience and a professional attitude (successful pro dancers WILL be paid for the shows)

Show dates TBC approximately (early September)

Rehearsals TBC ( Sunday Mornings - and Monday mornings and evenings for Pro dancers) 

ALL dance styles are welcome 

Bring your energy to the table, this is a real life show!

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